#VoiceLunch is the community where voice enthusiasts from all over the world meet.

We meet on Zoom to discuss all things related to #voice during the regular global meetings and a lot of the local ones.

While we enjoy lunch, morning coffee, or even the occasional barbecue, we discuss the current state of voice technology. Our topics range from conversation design to technical innovations. From market insights to voice discoverability. And everything in between.

There are three fundamental rules of #VoiceLunch.

Everyone is welcome.
Everyone has a voice.
#VoiceLunch has no commercial flavour.

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Everyone is welcome ❤️

VoiceLunch is open, inclusive, and free to join. We aim to provide a relaxed environment that allows plenty of interaction if you want to, or a great place to simply listen and relax.

We are a global movement

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Latest blog posts & podcasts

VoiceLunch stands with Ukraine!

VoiceLunch stands with Ukraine! The war in Ukraine is a new reality. VoiceLunch Ukraine hosts had to flee looking for safe shelter from the dramatic situation in Lviv. We are in touch and are on standby to provide any help that may be needed.  Right now VoiceLunch Foundation, a non-profit registered in Poland is organizing […]

Humor in multilingual digital assistants

Originally published on GALA‘s website The sense of humor is a unique human trait – although not uniquely human it seems – and quite a complex one. As Paul McDonald states in The philosophy of humour:  “The fact that even a simple joke uses simultaneously language skills, theory-of-mind, symbolism, abstract thinking, and social perception, makes […]

Voice First Sucks

Yup, those were the exact words that I recently heard uttered in a mild miff of refreshing biting pique by someone who seemed to have had it with Voice First. I know it was biting pique because the person who spoke those words was, is, has been, and I know will continue to be, someone […]

How to run local #VoiceLunch?

Why talk about voice locally? While the global VoiceLunch is an excellent opportunity to discuss generic voice topics and meet fellow voice enthusiasts from all over the world, sometimes you really want to get down to how things are for your part of the world, in your specific language, or for your particular market. That’s […]

What people say about #voicelunch

Allen Firstenberg
What an amazing @VoiceLunch today! I think we could have gone for another hour, at least. And I’m sure we’ll revisit many of the subtopics in the future as well.
Mark Tucker
What an awesome discussion today on @voicelunch about voice-features needed in a CMS. I am so jazzed that I could dance! Thank you all for attending and sharing. You are wonderful!
Adva Levin
I had a blast seeing new and old voice friends at this #voicelunch!
Sarah Andrew Wilson
The #VoiceLunch series is a breath of fresh air — a fun casual conversation between people from around the world