It all began with a single tweet by @einkoenig, who was struggling with the quarantine during the COVID-19 pandemic and just wanted to hang out virtually during lunchtime with other #voice geeks.

After the first meeting, dated the 19th of March 2020, Michał Stanisławek and Karol Stryja decided to go on with regular #VoiceLunches. The domain voicelunch.com was booked.

As the quarantine was at its peak – #VoiceLunch schedule based on two meetings every week. Tuesdays and Thursdays. Right now we meet bi-weekly on a global level – on Tuesdays. To stay up-to-date with all the meetings, sign up for our newsletter. 

We started with some guidelines:

  • No set agenda or presenter
  • Everyone has a voice
  • #VoiceLunch has no commercial flavor
  • We are fueled up by pure community awesomeness


VoiceLunch: where the global voice community eats and chats.

VoiceLunch is the community where voice enthusiasts from all over the world meet. While we enjoy lunch, morning coffee, or even the occasional barbecue, we discuss the current state of voice technology.

Our topics range from conversation design to technical innovations. From market insights to voice discoverability. And everything in between.

VoiceLunch is open, inclusive, and free to join. We aim to provide a relaxed environment that allows plenty of interaction if you want to or a great place to simply listen and relax.
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