What is #VoiceLunch?


#VoiceLunch: where the global voice community eats and chats.

#VoiceLunch is the community where voice enthousiasts from all over the world meet. While we enjoy lunch, morning coffee or even the occasional barbecue, we discuss the current state of voice technology. Our topics range from conversation design to technical innovations. From market insights to voice discoverability. And everything in between.  

#VoiceLunch is open, inclusive and free to join. We aim to provide a relaxed environment that allows plenty of interaction if you want to, or a great place to simply listen and relax.

Global meetings

#VoiceLunch revolves around our two global meetups per week

  • Tuesdays 0900 PST / 0000 EDT / 1700 GMT / 1800 CEST 
  • Thursdays  1800 PST/   2100 EDT/   1400 GMT / 1500 CEST 

We do open up the video room 15 minutes earlier to chat, get to know each other better, and welcome new member to our community!


Local meetings

While the global VoiceLunch are an excellent opportunity to discuss generic voice topics and meet fellow voice enthousiasts from all over the world, sometimes you really want to get down to how things are for your part of the world, in your specific language, or for your particular market.

That’s why we set up local VoiceLunch: separate slots throughout the week, where local voice communities meet.

Dutch #VoiceLunchNL

Spanish #VoiceLunchES

Specialist meetings

Audio Branding #VoiceLunchAB